Sunday, February 19, 2017

Python-Extreme Learning Machine

Bila ditemui kasus mengenai non linear selain bisa menggunakan SVM (Support Vector Machine), kita juga menggunakan ELM. The Extreme Learning Machine (ELM from now on) was proposed by [Huang et al., 2006]. It is used in a multilayered structure with one neural hidden layer (Single Layer Feedforward Network, SLFN from now on). The first step is to initialize at random the weights connecting the input and the hidden layer. Thus, it will only be necessary to optimize the weights connecting the hidden layer and the output layer. In order to do this, the Moore-Penrose pseudoinverse [Rao and Mitra, 1972] matrix will be used.

Matlab-Formating Text Output Fprintf

Untuk mengontrol output text di matlab, bisa menggunakan function fprintf

clc;clear all;close all;
disp('formating text in matlab')
disp('i         |sin(i)     |cos(i)')
for i =0:30:100
    formatSpec = '%3.0f \t %8.3f \t %8.3f \n';


Friday, February 10, 2017

Metode Query Matching

Selain digunakan untuk melakukan pencocokan secara cepat terhadap tindak plagarisme, metode Winnowing, Rabin Karp, serta Manber sebenarnya dapat digunakan untuk memberikan rekomendasi terhadap pengunjung/customer untuk mendapatkan query yang cocok. Seperti contoh berikut